A game about getting an abortion:

The "Trapped" game was in its original incarnation a card game, created by the team at Women's Health Specialists in Redding, and expanded on by teams at the Abortion Access Hackathon.

This version hopes to build on those projects bring to light how legal restrictions and stigma directly affect the cost of an abortion. This highlights the importance of the work of abortion funds, who work tirelessly to close this gap and ensure that your rights do not depend on what's in your wallet.

If you enjoyed this game and wish to tip, please donate to help Fund Texas Choice reopen their hotline so they can continue to offer funding and practical support to those seeking abortions across Texas.

For more information about abortion funds, and to find one near you, visit the National Network of Abortion Funds.

To get involved in building more tools like Trapped, or otherwise volunteering some tech skills for repro orgs, you can stay in the loop to join our next Abortion Access Hackathon (coming soon to Austin!) at our Facebook Page.